Stay away from dengue with Vitro Mosquito Spray!

Nowadays, mosquitoes are all around us. Many surveys have asserted them as Public Enemy No. 1, as they are the carriers of millions of deaths every year. That's why our governments and civic bodies are performing their best to control this risk.

Most individuals take the matter into our hands and do not hesitate to keep themselves protected with mosquito repellent sprays, vaporizers, mats, coils, patches, and more.

But did you know that chemical mosquito repellents might harm a lot?

Many chemicals are wielded on a large scale for the first time and their long-term effects on the people or the planet are not known yet. There have been bans on chemicals that were utilized in those repellents earlier as its consequences came to light.

So isn't it better to adopt a natural insect repellent spray? Something that essence has made to keep insects at bay.

Read on to discover the benefits of using Ayurvedic mosquito repellents. 

  1. They are chemical-free

Herbal mosquito repellents don't have harmful substances that an average store-bought mosquito repellent spray contains. Chemical sprays have a questionable substance known as DEET, which can make up to 23.8% of its components.

Researchers have linked it to skin neurological health ailments. They not only damage the neurological system of the human body, but also affects muscle coordination, strength, movement, and so on.

So why not stay on the safer side when it comes to using such chemicals for oneself and one's family? Try out vitro mosquito spray for proper healthy hygiene. 

  1. They do not cause any skin trouble

Most of the natural repellents are prepared with mosquito repellent plants such as nepeta cataria (also known as Catnip or Catmint), eucalyptus, etc. They are absolutely suitable to use on the skin and prevent rashes, redness, and itchiness. 

  1. Safe for children

While researchers have been providing contradicting views about the safety of DEET in small quantities, we know it has its ill effect when exposure is in large quantities. This effect arises more in children.

That's why people are hesitant about applying DEET-based products to their kid's skin. Therefore, natural alternatives can put such problems to rest and give you a peaceful mind. 

  1. Safe for pregnant women

Chemicals present in mosquito repellents, unlike the other pesticides, are even riskier for pregnant women. Exposure to Cyfluthrin, which is mainly in these repellents, can cause crucial changes in the glucose levels of the mothers, as well as lessen red blood cells and damage the liver.

Apart from resulting in difficulties, some studies have also found this toxin to cause fluctuations in the fetus directly, after exposure. 

  1. More effective than chemical repellents

Studies have shown that herbal mosquito repellents are just as effective, and sometimes more than chemical ones. For instance, Catnip oil is present to be 10 times more effective than DEET, which lasts up to 7 hours. 

  1. They have a soothing aroma

Unlike other common repellents, natural sprays have a pleasant fragrance that helps relieve stress and calms the body down. Thus, the benefits of these mosquito repellents go beyond just staving off mosquitoes.


 Since there are plenty of options available, how does one go about selecting the best for your use? Here are a few tips. 

  1. First of all, check the quality of the repellent. This means checking the ingredients and the concentration of the ingredient and going for the one with the highest concentration of the repelling ingredient. Try to avoid products that include DEET or any other chemicals.
  2. Natural mosquito repellents are safe. Apply a small patch of skin and wait for a few minutes to check for irritation. If there is no discomfort, then it's ideal for you to use.
  3. There are special mosquito repellents for children. You may also review a dermatologist and other specialists before buying one.
  4. If you want to go out, but the place may not have many mosquitoes, a less concentrated one may be a better option. Then natural-based mosquito repellent creams and gels need to be often applied. Go for products that are simple to carry.
  5. Try growing mosquito repellent plants or making candles inside the house, instead of applying them on the skin, or spraying.

 Vitro Mosquito Spray is the all-in solution to all your problems. This spray is rendered with natural essential oils which makes it safe to be used on your skin. 


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