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Brahmi & Its Amazing Health Benefits


Does your child struggle to focus and remember their studies? Look no further, Brahmi is the perfect solution to improve your child's focus and concentration!

Brahmi is a bitter-sweet small water loving succulent that naturally grows in wet, marshy topical conditions. The plant is very popular among Ayurvedic practitioners as it is believed to have excellent results on the brain's cognitive functions. It is a versatile herb and can help reduce stress, anxiety, boost memory in students and as well as adults.

Here are 6 amazing benefits of Brahmi

1. Helps in boosting memory
Studies have proven that Brahmi helps in improving memory functions. It helps in reducing forgetfulness and increases concentration & focus. Brahmi has also been used to treat learning disabilities like dyslexia.

2. Reduces chances of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease

Brahmi contains biochemicals called backsides that help in restoring brain tissues that are degenerated. It improves circulation in the brain and improves neurological functions.

3. Strengthens Immunity System

Brahmi helps to fight free radicals that cause damage to the immunity cells. The antioxidants present help to increase the response time of your Immunity system when faced with a virus or bacteria.

4. Contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties

It helps to effectively reduce inflammation in the throat, respiratory tracts, joints, and headaches. Brahmi helps to improve blood circulation in the pain affected areas.

5. Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Cortisol levels are responsible for stress and Brahmi helps by regulating these hormones. You now know what you look for when you are going through extreme stress before your child's final examinations.

6. Skin & Hair care
Brahmi also has soothing effects on the hair and skin because of the presence of antioxidant compounds. They help in skin rejuvenation, hair generation and elimination of toxins from the body thus boosting your skin and hair health. Brahmi is an effective solution for dry scalp, dry hair, dandruff and split ends.

Ways to Consume Brahmi
You can consume Brahmi Powder 1/2 tsp twice daily with water. You can add jaggery or honey as per your taste.


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