5 Incredible Benefits of Triphala

Triphala is a combination of Amla, Bhibitaki and Hirataki and has been used as a multi purpose treatment for symptoms from stomach ailments to dental cavities.
Amla is high in Vitamin c, Bibhitaki is rich in antioxidants and Haritaki is rich in iron, magnesium and copper.
Tripahala is known to support all the three doshas air, space, fire, water, earth.

Benefits of Triphala

1. Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties

The anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties help to fight stress, anxiety, reduce heart risk, prevent cancer and help to avoid lifestyle conditions like diabetes.
It also reduces premature ageing and inflammation in arthritis.

2. Helps to regulate Cholesterol and Diabetes

Tripahala has amazing effects on Type 2 Diabetes. It helps to maintain the sugar level and cholesterol levels in the body.
The chemicals present in Bibhitaki promote the production and secretion of insulin and help to lower the blood sugar levels.

3. It's a natural laxative

Triphala softens stools and improves bowel cycle. It is widely used as a remedy for digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and fissures.

4. Excellent Antioxidant

Did you know triphala is rich in polyphenols that helps to prevent cell damage!
They also help to relieve any oxidative stress and reduce inflammation. It also helps to stimulate the growth of white blood cells which in turn helps the body to fight against infections, pathogens and viruses.

5. Helps to improve hair and skin quality

Tripahala is known to work wonders for your hair. To get a strong, shinier hair always keep a bottle of Triphala juice next to you. The antifungal and antibacterial properties help to keep the hair clean.
It also helps to treat various skin related problems like acne.

The easiest way to consume Tripahala juice is to mix 1/2 tsp with water and consume twice daily. You can add honey or jaggery as per your taste.
Our Triphala Juice is extracted from raw organic herbs to maximise its benefits. Our products contain the right herbal combination of products in the right quantity with intensive R&D to retain its nutritional value. We do not add any added flavour, synthetic color or sugar.