5 Reasons to Add Turmeric to Your Daily Diet!

Turmeric has been one of the main ingredients used in Indian cuisine for centuries and also for good reasons too. Apart from adding flavor and color to the food, this bright yellow spice is preferred for its health benefits.

Spice is well known for its different herbal preparations. Turmeric is generally used in Asia to treat wounds, boils, and cuts on the skin. 

Drinking a glass of turmeric juice will provide the utmost nutrients to your body. You can even make a paste of milk and turmeric and apply it to the face as a part of the skin regime.

Tiny chunks of turmeric powder can also be added to almost every vegetable and dish. Turmeric juice can easily be stored in a water bottle or insulated tumbler to consume at regular intervals.

Here are a few important reasons to incorporate it into your diet.

Turmeric has excellent anti-inflammatory action: A lot of arthritis sufferers have found that including turmeric in their meals has reduced swelling and pain, however helping them to increase mobility and bettering their quality of life.

University of Michigan Health System has also examined this herb as a prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent when it's about getting rid of stiffness and pain resulting from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. 

Turmeric aids in digestion: This healthy yellowish spice helps in accelerating the secretion of digestive juices particularly the bile secretion by the gallbladder.

Children who are suffering from any kind of discomfort are advised to combine half a teaspoon of this spice powder with a teaspoon of honey. Other than this, it also helps to relieve bloating and gas.

Studies have verified that curcumin present in this spice can effectively cure dyspepsia or indigestion. It is safe for normal usage and should not be used simultaneously with antacids recommended for lowering acid secretion. 

Turmeric reduces the risk of depression: A lot of mental stress and physical ailments both contribute to depression which affects more than 20% of the population. Curcumin works in several ways to protect you from this disorder.

The body's metabolic rate is higher in the brain which results in the building of free radicals but antioxidants limit access to the brain with the blood-brain barrier.

This spice can cross the barrier by reducing oxidative stress in the brain. Curcumin regulates the transmitters in the brain to improve mood. This neurotrophic factor is a great way in which this yellow spice controls depression. 

Turmeric helps in cholesterol control: Turmeric contains cholesterol-controlling properties that help to reduce blood cholesterol, especially the bad low-density lipoprotein(bad LDL).

It further reduces the circulating cholesterol amount and prevents oxidation. The lowering of the blood LDL level is achieved by improving liver metabolism which increases cholesterol uptake from the blood. 

Turmeric improves immunity: This healthy yellowish source can help you fight against different seasonal infections and colds. Turmeric juice, if given to children regularly during flu or cold season, will help to improve their resistance to illnesses.

The antimicrobial properties of this spice against bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be a reason for the effect, and also its immunity-boosting action is very powerful.

So, these were some of the healthy reasons to add turmeric into your daily diet.

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