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Take Care Of Your Hair With The Goodness Of Ayurveda!


Our hair and scalp require hydration and nutrients to be healthy-looking and feeling, just like our skin. The foundation of our hair care regimen is made up of shampoo and conditioner.

But have you considered adding a leave-in product for a little additional tender loving care?

Learn everything there is to know about hair cream and other leave-in treatments as well as how to incorporate them into your routine by reading on. 

A leave-in style cream known as a "hair cream" helps manage hair while nourishing and moisturising it. Hair cream is a leave-in treatment, which means that it normally has a lighter consistency than a hair mask.

This is the fundamental distinction between a hair cream and a hair mask. Hair masks are significantly thicker and made to be removed from the hair after a brief development period in the shower.

Think of a hair cream as the facial moisturiser it would be if you applied one, and a hair mask as a face moisturiser you would wipe off or rinse off. We use both, but for different purposes and with distinct application techniques. 

Both hair creams and hair masks are intended to feed and moisturise the hair, keeping it manageable, therefore they have advantages in common.

However, since hair creams can be left in the hair, they also assist in smoothing down the strands and preventing them from becoming static during the styling process or throughout the day, which is something we all occasionally need on a bad hair day.

This is especially true when caring for your hair in winter. They may also keep those ringlets appearing bouncy and full while adding definition to naturally curly hair.

Although hair creams lack the firming capabilities of hair wax and gels due to the lack of styling polymers, they can nevertheless help manage frizz, keep the hair in place, keep it from becoming static, and keep the hair feeling soft and silky smooth. 

Hair creams should be used on wet hair after shampooing and conditioning it, just like any other leave-in product (that are ideally sulphate-free and silicone-free). They can also be applied to coarse hair as an additional product between washes to add definition and smoothness.

However, it might be better to avoid using the product on dry hair if you have fine or regular hair because it might be too thick for your strands. 

Always attempt to search for goods that are manufactured with natural-origin ingredients when purchasing a hair cream or other leave-ins. If you want to steer away from synthetic substances and choose a more biodegradable product, keeping an eye out for silicone-free hair products is also a fantastic alternative.  

Here are some reasons why you should have a proper hair care routine: 

  1. Keeps your hair healthy: The proverb "health is wealth" holds for your hair just as much as it does for the rest of your body. If you regularly arrive at work or social gatherings with frizzy, brittle hair, it may be a sign that you're not feeling well. The idea that you don't take care of yourself would be far worse! 
  1. Gives your hair volume: Remember that volume of hair is not a matter of quantity. It is entirely dependent on how each strand is structured, both singly and collectively.

    More volume indicates that the roots are standing upright rather than merely flopping down. Without volume, your hair's roots will become flat and stop appearing "abundant" and "thick," which most people find more attractive than hair that appears thinner. 
  1. Add shine: Shiny things have a certain allure, don't they?
    When we watch shampoo commercials, when a gorgeous female turns her head and flaunts her sleek, straight hair, we can see that it is true.

    You want your hair to have that "final touch" before leaving the house. You're going to adore how your hair reflects light well, making you stand out even more, even though it might not achieve the precise amount of shine as those advertisements suggest. 

Your hair deserves only the best and all-natural products which are why we recommend the Vitro Leave-In Hair Cream made from all ayurvedic products, natural herbs with no parabens and artificial colouring.


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