Supercharge Your Child’s Immunity with these 6 tips!

Kids were considered silent carriers of the virus before the second wave of Covid-19. However, the last few months witnessed an increase in the number of kids prone to the virus. This condition has stirred a lot of questions regarding the third wave in the minds of the parents.

Below are 6 ways to boost your child's immunity 👇🏻

1. Double the serving of fruits and vegetables

Carrots, beans, and oranges contain a good amount of carotenoids- immunity boosting phytonutrients. They increase the production of white blood cells thus blocking out the virus.

2. Increase sleep time

According to studies, sleep deprivation leads to weakened immune systems especially in children. An infant needs 16 hours of sleep time, a toddler needs 11 to 13 and preschoolers need a maximum of 10 hours sleep time.

3. Exercise as a family

Research shows that exercise boosts immunity in both adults and kids. There is nothing more joyful than a healthy and happy family that works out together

4. Water- the natural healer

Water helps in getting rid of waste, regulating body temperature and transporting nutrients. Make sure your child has 10 glasses of water daily. You can also give them water dense vegetables like tomato, spinach, cucumber etc.

5. Limit salt and sugar intake

Do not use more than 5g of iodised salt while cooking for your kids. Avoid serving drinks and fruit juices high in sugar. Remember to feed fruits and vegetables over any cookies, cakes and sweet snacks.

6. Vitamin C for overall health

A child’s growing body can’t produce vitamin C on its own. So as a parent, one has to ensure that a good amount of Vitamin C is incorporated in their diet. If your child hates drinking kadha, then swap with Vitro's Amla Sharbat and Amla Candy is made from raw Benarasi Amla which is high in Vitamin C.