Stay Away From Buzzing Bugs This Monsoon

Finally, the monsoons are here! The beauty that monsoon brings to our surroundings is something we cannot dispute now that it is in full flow. It appears as though nature is joyful for you. .

Though there is one terrible aspect we all have to deal with every year amid such lovely events. And that is none other than the mosquitoes entering your home as unwelcome guests. Thus, monsoon and mosquitoes are a lethal combination. 

To address this issue, we've provided you with information about the causes of mosquito attacks, how they contribute to the spread of diseases like dengue, how to combat them, and why mosquitoes and monsoons are such deadly combinations. These pesky animals spread several deadly diseases, including dengue, chikungunya, and malaria, to mention a few.

During the monsoon, both the danger of mosquito-borne illnesses and the level of mosquito infestation are extremely high. 

The two mosquito species that are most frequently seen swarming about your house are:

Aedes mosquitoes: Aedes mosquitoes are active during the day and typically breed in clean water that has been gathered in containers like flower vases, water tanks, cans, etc. Chikungunya and Dengue are diseases spread by Aedes mosquitoes, which take six to ten days to mature from an egg to a mosquito. 

Culex Mosquitoes: Culex mosquitoes typically rest before and after biting during the night. A culex is more of an issue in big cities since it breeds in contaminated, stagnant water. These mosquitoes spread the West Nile Virus and encephalitis, a brain infection that can be fatal.

Anopheles Mosquito: During the day, Anopheles mosquitoes rest indoors and outdoors and typically bite at night. Malaria is distributed by Anopheles mosquitoes. 

The following traits are frequently shown to increase a person's attractiveness to these creatures: 

  1. Sweat: Because sweat mosquitoes require water to procreate, they are drawn to places with higher relative humidity. Sweat is one of the main mosquito attractants because of this.
  1. Dark clothing: Dark hues are what mosquitoes are most drawn to, according to research. People wearing black clothing are more vulnerable to them since they can see and use their vision to detect prey from a distance.
  1. Those who consume a lot of salt and potassium: It is advisable to stay away from salty and potassium-rich foods like bananas, avocados, and dried fruit because these foods attract mosquitoes because they cause your body to release lactic acid, potassium, and salt.
  1. Scented lotions and perfumes: Mosquitoes are known to be drawn to fragrances. The Smell of flowers is particularly alluring. 

These are some ways these buzzing bugs this monsoon: 

  1. Eliminate standing water: Always look to see if there is any standing water around your home. The surplus water in pots, holes, tyres, dustbins and other items that are not in use are filled by the rain. So, clean up these areas right away to stop the reproduction of mosquitoes.
  1. Do not let mosquitoes inside: To prevent mosquitoes from entering a window, use air conditioning or window screens. Alternatively, if you don't have screens, think about purchasing a fine mosquito net to cover your bed or child's cradle.

    You can also clean your house with
    Floor Cleaner which is anti-bacterial and formulated with ingredients that also repel mosquitoes and other insects. 
  1. Don’t leave the house without a repellant: One of the simplest ways to protect yourself and the infant from insects and mosquitoes during the monsoon is to use this strategy.

    Use natural insect repellent like the Vitro Anti Mosquito Body Spray which keeps insects like ants, fleas, mosquitoes, etc. at bay for hours and can also be used for kids. The greatest option is repellent because it can be applied at any time and is portable.
    For a more gentle option, you can use the
    Vitro Anti Mosquito Gel. 

  2. Clean up your environment and add some natural plants: Trim the trees and bushes around your home. Tulsi should be planted since it has many beneficial natural qualities and deters mosquitoes from invading your home.

    Keep your room refreshed and mosquito free with the help of our Vitro Anti Mosquito Room Spray which is made out of 100% natural ingredients. One of the finest ways to cure ailments caused by the monsoon season is to do this.

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