Say YES To Aloe Vera This Winter!

Aloe vera has long been regarded as one of the most essential plants in traditional medicine. The Egyptians referred to aloe as the "plant of immortality," and it was included among the pharaohs' burial gifts. Aloe's medicinal properties were known to ancient Indian, Chinese, Greek, and Roman civilizations. It's been used for centuries to treat wounds, ease itching, and reduce swelling, and it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Aloe vera, also known as ghritkumari in Sanskrit, belongs to the lily family and has cactus-like properties. It grows to a height of one to two feet, with succulent leaves that are broad at the base and pointy at the points, with spines along the margins. The clear healing gel, which is 96 percent water, is found in these fat leaves. The remaining 4% contains 75 recognised chemicals, including vitamins A, B, C, and E, calcium, amino acids for protein synthesis, and digestive enzymes.

The changing season brings a lot of diseases with themselves. From common colds to dry skin, you have a lot to take care of. But do not worry, because Ayurveda has a cure for all your problems. Aloe Vera is the best solution to all your winter problems. It is used as a skin conditioner in Ayurveda, as well as for the treatment of non-healing wounds, burn injuries and liver illnesses such as jaundice. Aloe has been shown in tests to have beneficial aesthetic and wound-healing qualities. It was also discovered that ingesting Aloes produces a good immunological response.

Let’s see how Aloe Vera can help you fight this winter:

1. Super hydrating in nature: Aloe Vera is 95% water and so it can be super hydrating for the skin. You can apply aloe vera gel to your face as a mask before going to bed. To do that simply take Vitro’s Aloe Vera Gel and apply it to a clean face. Gently massage the gel for 5-7 minutes and wash it off with water.

You can also use aloe vera gel as a moisturizer. It easily absorbs in the skin and its high water percentage keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day without making your skin oily. Aloe vera as a skin moisturiser is perfect for those who have oily skin.

2. Can be used as a hair mask: We all face dry and itchy scalp in winters due to the lack of moisture in the air. In such times, your hair needs moisture and aloe vera provides you with this moisture. It has anti-inflammatory properties and healing properties.

You can use aloe vera gel as a hair mask as it is one of the best hair conditioners. Apply the gel to your roots and along the hair length and keep it for 15-20 minutes. After that, wash your hair. The healing properties of aloe vera help in repairing swellings and itchy scalp. It helps fight dandruff and deeply conditions your hair, leaving you with silky and smooth hair.

3. It has antiseptic properties: Aloe Vera has antiseptic properties. It can heal burns, wounds, cuts, and reduce swellings. Therefore, it can be used as a healing gel to repair broken skin. Dry heels and elbows can be cured with the help of Aloe Vera Gel.

4. Drink Aloe Vera Juice to fight diseases: Drinking aloe vera juice also has many benefits. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that boost immunity in your body. It also helps in increasing the count of white blood cells in your blood. These white blood cells help fight diseases in your body and can prevent you from common cold and cough.

These were a few winter benefits of Aloe Vera. For added freshness, you can also mist some Vitro Rose Water on your face every morning.

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