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How Vitro Rose water can be a good addition to your daily beauty regime?


Rose is a flower of love, a sample of luxury, fragrance, and eternal romance. Its water has been used for centuries. The amazing hydrating, soothing abilities, natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial powers make it one of those ultimate beauty powerhouses that explain why most high-end brands use it as a base for many of their products. If your budget won't allow for fully rose-imbued skin care, then a simple bottle of pure rose water can again be a wholesome transformation to your skin, hair, and makeup routine. 

Roses from various countries of the world hybridize readily, giving rise to categories that coincide with the parental forms and making it tough to specify basic species. Roses from their native to Asia are involved in cross-breeding which has eventually produced today's various kinds of garden roses.  Here are the best ways to incorporate the wonder liquid into your beauty routine.

  1. Boost your sheet mask: Wanna way up your sheet mask game? Or do you just want an extra boost? Take a cotton pad and apply a little rose water to your face after cleansing. After doing so, lay your serum-soaked sheet mask on top. The healthy water will amplify your sheet mask's hydrating benefits and the sheet mask will bring the rosewater deeper into your skin and its shooting properties along with it. 
  2. Use as a toner: Swapping your expensive toner for rose water might sound a little terrifying, but it has the potential to be a good idea. Its antibacterial properties will soothe irritated, acne-prone skin. Rose water controls excess sebum production and also improves the appearance of pores. Pour or spritz some of it on a cotton pad and dab it across your face, your face will feel soothed immediately.
  3. Refresh your Makeup: This liquid can be used to prep skin for makeup and even freshen makeup after a long shoot. It provides a refreshing, softening, brightening, and coming effect. If you don't feel like spending tons of money on a priming spray or refreshing most, rose water works wonders. 
  4. Reduces Skin Redness: Is redness a problem for you? Rosewater has great ingredients that work as a base for plenty of redness relief products. It fights against inflammation, helping to reduce acne, irritation, and blotchiness. If you are having a red day, take some amount of this liquid on a certain pad and dab it on your face to get rid of unwanted rosiness.
  5. Hydrates your skin: If you suffer from constant dry skin even after applying lotion, then adding this water to your routine could be the answer. After getting shown, spritz some of the water all over your body lotion while your skin is still damp and give a bye to your flaky, dry skin.
  6. Balance Skin pH: Do you have oil problems or any dryness issues? Or does it just feel like the pH is off? Rosewater can be a perfect balancing solution for your skin as it corrects pH to a natural level and also prevents skin from getting too oily or too dry. It's a great solution for your overall pH balance, helping the acid mantle of the skin to perform and operate optimally to fight off bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and other influencing factors. 
This miracle ingredient has definitely earned a place in your makeup bags. So what are you waiting for? If you haven't purchased this amazing bottle of Vitro Rose Water, then get your hands on them as soon as possible and start using it in your routine. Your skin will Thank You!
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