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How to safeguard your bone health as you age?


The skeleton system acts as a pillar of support for our body and protects our vital organs. It also helps to store minerals like calcium and phosphorus and support the muscles. By the age of 30, the bone mass density reaches its peak and soon after that one tends to lose more bone mass than deposited. You can start taking care of your bone health today. One must look after their bone health by integrating healthy life practices like proper balanced diet with increased intake of calcium rich foods, exercise from an early age to prevent osteoporosis when they grow old. Here are a few activities to boost your bone health today.

● Start by adding food and drinks rich in calcium and vitamin D. For example, low-fat dairy, green leafy vegetables,legumes and pulses for calcium and milk, cereals, salmon, tuna, shrimp for vitamin D.

● Workout for a minimum of half an hour to keep your muscles and bones strong and maintain an appropriate weight. You can indulge in weight training and strength building exercises that will keep your bones strong and healthy

● Drink alcohol moderately, if at all.

● Add protein like eggs, lentils, soy and dairy to your diet

● Consume foods rich in Omega-3 fats like walnuts, chia seeds as they contain anti-inflammatory properties and help protect against bone loss during the aging process.

● Go for regular bone density and health check-ups to prevent excessive bone density loss especially, specially after the age of 50.

● Consume Vitro Safed Musli powder for good bone health. The powder is sourced from known organic sources and is very good for treating arthritis.

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