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How to prevent Dengue the Ayurveda Way!


Nowadays, a huge population is affected by dengue every year. Dengue has turned out to be one of the most life-threatening health conditions. This fever is also known as dandy fever and is usually caused by a type of mosquito named Aedes aegypti. Stagnant water allows breeding grounds for mosquitoes that spread dengue. Some of the most common symptoms of this disease are headaches, muscle, and joint pain,and low pressure. 

If you are diagnosed with Dengue, then you must make sure that you need to be very careful and focused on your diet. The right nutrition will help you to recover fast and provide relief from these various symptoms. 

Ayurveda suggests a few herbs that will help you to prevent dengue fever. 

  1. Tulsi Juice: Tulsi, also known as the holy basil is one of the most wonderful herbs if you want to increase your immunity. Add a pinch of black pepper and consume it daily. This will fight off all the infections and build up immunity. Tulsi has been proven to be a highly effective ingredient in protecting your body from various infections and diseases. 
  1. Papaya Leaves Juice: If you want to increase your platelet count, then papaya leaves are the best choice. During dengue, the platelet count decreases which further leads to complications. These leaves are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that reduce stress on the body. Also, they reduce other symptoms such as chills, body aches, nausea, and fatigue. Sip at least two tablespoons of this juice daily for a better result. 
  1. Giloy Juice: Giloy, also known as Guduchi, is a popular herb that has been used in Ayurveda for a long time. This betel-shaped leaf has antioxidant properties that help to control fever and acts as a quite effective ingredient in dengue as it brings down the temperature. It boosts immunity and fights against infections. 
  1. Neem Juice: Neems serve a lot of purposes nowadays. You can even prepare it at home by just bowling some water and adding some fresh leaves to sleep in it. Consuming this drink will help to increase immunity and strengthen the body. Also, you can ward off mosquitoes in your vicinity by burning the dried leaves. 
  1. Amla Juice: Amla is one of the most useful and effective herbs in traditional Ayurvedic medicines to treat various health disorders. It generates platelet counts and boosts the immune system, besides keeping other contagious infections at bay. Drinking this juice, its supplements and extracts help to build a wholesome immunity. Other than these benefits, it enhances liver function, supports healthy digestion,  promotes heart health, improves hair growth,  and many more. 
  1. Mulethi Juice: Methi is a great ingredient to reduce elevated body temperature and decrease muscle pain. Consuming this herb promotes sleep and allows the body to rest and heal. Just soak these seeds overnight and have them on an empty stomach the next morning. 
  1. Ginger Juice: Ginger has a strong flavor which is used to add flavor to teas. This herb is also known as an immunity-boosting food. Ginger helps to treat sore throat, inflammation, nausea, and other symptoms of dengue fever. 

Food to avoid during dengue:- 

It's very important to know what food you need to consume if you are suffering from dengue fever. So, here we have shortlisted some of the food items to avoid during dengue fever. 

  • Fried or oily food: Fried or oily food includes a significant quantity of fat and bad cholesterol. These might lead to increased blood pressure and fat deposition in the blood vessel. So it's very crucial to avoid this kind of food which affects the immune system and introduce other health conditions and lots for lighter nutrition.
  • Spicy food: Spicy food is strictly not advised for patients suffering from dengue as this type of food causes stomach acid to accumulate, irritates the digestive system's inner lining, and might even cause ulcers and damage. This might also slow down the recovery process.
  • Caffeinated beverages: During the recovery process, it's very important to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. However, caffeinated beverages should be avoided as consumption of these beverages might increase blood pressure and heart rate and can cause muscle breakdown which can be fatal during dengue fever. 
You can check Vitro Dangee Juice that is made of a 100% real blend of 7 savior herbs like tulsi, papaya leaves, giloy, neem, amla, methi, and ginger. It is especially beneficial for people with recurring allergies as it helps to increase white blood cells in the body. The juice is prepared with the right herbal combination of products in the right quantity. Consume 30ml of this juice twice a day for 6 months regularly to see better results.
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