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How To Keep Your Feet Healthy?


Your feet, you guessed it, carry your weight all day long without grumbling. And yet, even though you travel the world (literally) because of your feet, they are frequently the area of your body that receives the least attention.

Unless your feet are screaming for attention, you rarely show love to them as you pack your vanity cases with items for your face and body to keep them gleaming!  

Even with the nicest attire and beautiful skin, according to beauty experts, untidy feet and parched lips can reveal your true attractiveness. Because of this, it's crucial to take care of your feet just as you would other body parts.

By purchasing a foot lotion, you may take care of your feet as quickly and easily possible. A decent foot cream moisturises your feet and addresses the numerous skin problems that can develop on your feet.

Here is a quick guide explaining the advantages of foot lotion and how to use it: 

 1. Feet are nourished: Your feet are kept hydrated, nourished, and moisturised with a foot cream for dry skin. It creates a barrier over your feet to stop them from becoming dry or cracked and seals moisture into the layers of your skin. Additionally, it replenishes moisture lost and softens your feet.

 2. Safeguards your feet: When your feet are exposed to strong winds and sunlight, they can develop cracks, wounds, and calluses. Daily foot cream application shields your feet from the elements and keeps them from becoming dry and harsh, displaying beautiful, silky, and smooth feet. 

3. Helps you unwind: After a long day, a foot cream can help you unwind and calm your tensions. Additionally, massaging your feet with a foot cream improves blood circulation, lessens tension, and promotes sound sleep. 

4. Prevents odour: Your feet may attract odour if they are constantly enclosed in footwear. Foot lotions with natural components assist to keep your feet odour- and odour-free throughout the day. 

5. Lightens the feet: Dryness and flakes on your feet can itch and aggravate them. You may eliminate these issues and make your feet lighter by using a foot cream. Neem and peppermint, two components found in many natural foot treatments, nourish the skin without leaving it feeling greasy or heavy. 

6. Keeps feet beautiful: A foot lotion is necessary for attractive and healthy feet, just as moisturising your face is needed for a beautiful complexion. A foot lotion can help you achieve prettier, softer, and younger-looking feet by enhancing the texture, softness, and skin health of your feet.


Here’s a guide for using foot cream:

 1. After taking a shower, moisturise your feet with a foot cream to keep them soft.

 2. It can also be applied as a moisturising cream following a small pedicure. Spend 15 to 20 minutes soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water. To exfoliate your feet and get rid of all the dead skin and calluses, use a pumice stone and foot scraper.

Wash off all the skin debris by dipping the foot into the water. Put your feet back on and dry them off. Apply a sufficient amount of foot moisturising cream to your feet and massage it in. To get soft, smooth feet, put on some socks.

 3. Every night before bed, massage your feet with foot cream. To have soft feet overnight, simply wash your feet in cold water, massage them with foot cream, and cover them with socks. 

Even though your feet are already exposed to pollution, dust, and sunlight, you should at least shield them from harmful chemical reactions.

Make sure the cream you purchase for your foot is free of chemicals. There shouldn't be any components in it that can aggravate your allergies or irritate your skin further. 

Utilising natural items from your kitchen is the ideal solution. For instance, peppermint, honey, oats, and other natural components are some of the greatest for nourishing and softening your feet. But given how quickly life moves along, it might not always be possible.

This is why we recommend the Vitro Foot & Toe Care Cream which is made from all ayurvedic products and natural herbs with no parabens or artificial colours.

Get some ayurvedic help to your feet with Vitro Naturals!

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