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How to Fix Cracked Heels Permanently With Ayurveda | Vitro Naturals


Having sensitive skin on your feet and heels makes them too dry. This might lead to split open, leaving cracks on your heels making it painful to walk, and also lead to serious infections. Cracked heels are generally affected by insufficient moisture.

Cracked heels have become a common foot problem. A survey took place which found that 20% of adults in the United States have experienced this issue on their feet. This can takes place in both adults as well as children and seems to be more effective in women than men. It's not a serious problem, but it may cause discomfort while going barefoot. In some cases, the cracks might become deeper and cause pain. 

Cracked heels can also occur for a number of reasons that includes:
  • Cold winter weather
  • Dehydration, or not drinking enough water
  • Not moisturizing your feet
  • Taking very hot baths or showers
  • Soaking in a hot bath for a longer time or too frequently
  • Using harsh, drying soups on your feet
  • Scrubbing feet dry
  • Having diabetes. 

There are also a few common causes that help them to occur. They are Prolonged standing, walking barefoot, aging skin, poor hygiene, dry skin, obesity, and various medical conditions.

You may face severe issues such as bleeding from the cracks in the heels, open wounds or wounds on the heels, and also get pain while putting pressure on the heels or walking. Cracked heels might get infected and result in cellulitis. So, it's very important to prevent these whenever possible. 

How to prevent cracked heels?  
  1. Check your feet daily: Checking your feet every day will help you to find any sort of issues before they become serious. This step is very important if you are a diabetic patient. Make sure to check these points: Swelling, blisters, cuts, ingrown toenails, corns or calluses, plantar warts, athlete's door, and warm spots.
  2. Wash your feet daily: Always use lukewarm water to rinse your feet. Make sure that the skin between your toes gets dried because the skin there tends to stay wet. Then apply some talcum powder on those areas, this will keep the skin dry and prevent infection.
  3. Trim your toenails: If your toenails have grown, then chop them off straight across. Then file them down gently with an emery board, this will prevent ingrown toenails. 
  4. Wear supportive footwear: Wear clean, lightly padded socks that fit well. Also, mark it important to wear shoes that fit and support your feet. Shop for the most comfortable shoes at the end of the day since feet tend to swell as the day goes on. 
  5. Protect your feet with extreme temperatures: Don't forget to wear shoes at the beach and on hot surfaces. Use sunscreen to safeguard your feet. If your feet get cold at night, wear socks to bed. And in winter, wear lined waterproof boots to keep your feet warm and dry. 
Doctor’s opinion about cracked heels:


Doctor’s opinion about cracked heals


Doctor’s profile:

Doctor’s profile:

There are many DIY sites and home remedy websites, they do mention many methods on "How to Fix Cracked Heels Permanently". There are creams and lotions and a lot of different types of cracked healing creams on the market. Vitro Foot and Toe care cream is a well-known ayurvedic crack heel cream that acts as a holistic picture for a cause and solution with no paraben and all-natural herbs. Cracked heels are a simple and minor health complaint predominantly occurring in wet and cold climates. Although it's not a severe issue, it results in disturbance in the daily routine. So, you must always try to prevent these issues before it occurs.
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