How The Magic Of Ayurveda Helps Strengthen Your Immunity

The world has been engulfed by the deadly traps of coronavirus. This small microbe has proven to be fatal for many. The pandemic of coronavirus is something the face of mankind and humanity has never seen before and is deemed to go into the books of historical events. The practices of social distancing and wearing a mask, along with limiting your physical contact with the outside world, has proven to be successful only to a certain extent. Individuals with a strong brawny immune system have shown to have minimal effects from the virus.

 Immunity is essentially the power of your body to fight against foreign microbes and infections that may have entered the system. It is a direct reflection of your everyday lifestyle habits, along with intractable factors such as genetic and molecular build-up. Building your immunity is not an overnight process, and can require several days of perseverance to achieve. However, giving up is never an option. To have a better tomorrow, you must start today.

 Our Indian mothers swear by the science of kadha. Be it cold, cough or even coronavirus, they believe kadha can fix all your life problems. The interesting thing is that it is actually true! Kadha consists of certain Ayurvedic herbs that have proven to portray immense benefits to the human body, in terms of immunity. Given below are some Ayurvedicherbs, that can give you a smooth head start in starting your journey for a better and healthier tomorrow:

  • Giloy: This magical concoction, extracted from the plants of Tinosporacordifolia, is undoubtedly a solution for most of your health issues. Its antioxidant-rich nature gives you a one-stop solution to all immunity disorders. Having one tablet a day can work wonders for building up your immunity.
  • Tulsi: The sacred plant of tulsi is quite beneficial for health problems and boosting immunity. The Indian grandma's favourite, Tulsi plant has great natural immune system boosters, that keep all the harmful toxins away. It is also rich in zinc and ascorbic acid, which are essential micronutrients for building immunity against coronavirus.
  • Cardamom: Coming in the variants of black and green, cardamom has proven several benefits for boosting immunity against respiratory diseases. It helps alleviate cold and cough and has several essential oils that fight off harmful bacterias. Its antioxidant properties also help with several digestive problems.
  • Neem: The plant neem has been extensively used in the field of Ayurveda, for treating several diseases. From nursing wounds to curing dengue, neem has proven to be a one-stop solution. It flushes away the harmful toxins that are present in the blood, which helps strengthen your immunity.
  • Cinnamon: This spice has proven that it does not belong just to the kitchen racks to give your tea an earthy flavour. Cinnamon has great antioxidant properties, that conjure the free Harmful radicals present in our body. Its healing properties help to treat infections and boosting immunity over time as well. Other than this, it also assists to treat heart and cholesterol issues.
  • Ginger: According to the Haas and Berrett theory, ginger has shown several positive effects for building up your immunity, improving digestion and fighting bacterial infections. It is not just a flavour enhancer for your main dish during lunch anymore. Ginger has several antioxidant properties that strengthen your immunity system.

 To make the perfect magical concoction for your body to fight against harmful toxins, we have a solution laid out. Boil water, and mix in cardamom (1-2 pieces) along with neem leaves ( 2-3 in number), Tulsi leaves (5-6 in number), cinnamon (1 stick), Turmeric (1 tbsp)  and ginger (5g). You can also add 1 tablespoon of honey to enhance the sweet flavour of the drink. This mixture of herbs and spices can give you a great step forward into leading a better and healthy lifestyle, for a superior tomorrow.

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