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Get your body summer body with 3 Ayurvedic ingredients


Summer is at its peak and there is no way to escape the heat! Spending all the time under the air conditioners is not a good habit as it dries out water from the body which further causes skin and health-related problems. The only way to overcome this heat is to beat it. For this, you must try to cool your body down to fight the heat. Some common issues during summer that can be tackled through the cooling of ayurvedic ingredients are stomach infections, heat stroke, skin burns, allergies, etc. Pitt's imbalance is very common that prepares your body to produce a lot of heat which eventually is the root cause of health woes.

Most common causes of increased body heat:-

  • High environmental temperature: High environmental temperature such as in a hot indoor atmosphere with too many layers, the body handles this temperature by sweating. But if it gets too hot then this might overload your natural cooling system.
  • Sun results in heatstroke or sunstroke: Sometimes sun might result in heatstroke or sunstroke. It usually happens when you sweat too much, this combats heat as your body gets dehydrated or it doesn't have enough water.
  • Getting a microbial infection: Getting microbial infections is one of the most common purposes for increased body heat. As our immune system's normal reaction to an infection is to raise your core temperature to kill off the infection.
  • Thyroid storm: A rare condition known as thyroid storm results in high body heat. It usually occurs due to excessive amounts of thyroid hormone production and realization in the body. The results might be severe and lead to sweating, fast heart rate, jaundice, vomiting, etc.

Here are the three ayurvedic ingredients that will make your body summer friendly.

 Amla juice: Amla is a green and extremely sour-tasting fruit that acts as an excellent coolant in summer. Consuming this herb in the summer season keeps your body cool, and protects it from Lol or hot winds that sweep across the entire North, East, and Central India. Starting from improving tannins to reversing aging effects, it provides a lot of benefits.

Skincare: Amalika is a great refreshing agent as it keeps your skin cool by releasing heat from the body and preventing gear boils, rashes, and acne.

Hair care: This herb enriches hair texture and is good for growth. It further strengthens the roots of the hair, maintains color, and improves hair growth.

Ayurvedic properties: The herb Amalika benefits the heart, prevents diabetes, and lessens menstrual cramps. It has non-perishable and anti-aging properties too.

Aloe vera Juice: Aloe vera has a lot of active components included in it and is used to treat various conditions. Aloe softens skin, and acts against various fungi, bacteria, and viruses that might stop growth, it has healing properties, boosts the immune system, and so on.

    1. Skincare: Aloe vera keeps your skin hydrated. Since dehydration causes increased oil production from the skin which leads to acne breakouts.
    2. Hair care: Research was done on a sheep where this juice was orally fed to it. Later hair growth was seen in areas on the sheep that were balding away. This helps in hair growth.
    3. Ayurvedic properties: Aloe vera helps in overall health as it is a great component to reduce cholesterol, reduce stomach problems, maintain weight, and so on.

 Tulsi: Tulsi, also known as holy basil is not only used for cough, flu, and infections but also a potent herb to combat the heat. It is one of the most used medicinal herbs that is extensively used in treating numerous problems. Its properties help in cooling, cleansing, and detoxifying properties that can help in keeping the body cool, cleansed, and detoxified.

Exposure to extreme heat might lead to heat stroke and dehydration. This usually takes place in people with unhealthy lifestyles as this is the most important factor that causes outta dosha in the body. This disrupts the metabolism system and puts your body at risk of summer health problems.

So, make sure that you consume these three ayurvedic ingredients from Vitro Naturals to cool down your mind and body this summer season!

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