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Aloe vera is a succulent plant used in different alternative medicines. Along with the 420 plant species of this herb, aloe has been a popular Indian medicine for treating many health conditions. This plant has earned immense popularity for its beauty, health care, skincare, and medicinal properties. The name aloe vera is derived from the Arabic term, which is known as "Alloeh", meaning shining better substance, and the word vera came from the Latin term "vera", which means "true". 


Elements inside Aloe Vera

Elements inside Aloe Vera:-

Aloe vera comprises vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredients that give enormous health benefits. Let's talk about them in detail. 

  • Vitamins:
Aloe vera consists of vitamins A, C, and E; these are the potent antioxidants that help to fight off and neutralize free radicals. It also contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and B12 which play a good role in detoxifying. 
  • Enzymes:
The herb consists of enzymes such as amylase, bradykinesia, aliiase phosphatase, peroxidase, catalase, cellulose, lipase, and carboxypeptidase. All of them help to reduce inflammation when applied to the skin. 
  • Hormones:
Aloe consists of hormones like gibberellins and auxins, which help to heal the wound faster. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. 



Benefits of Aloe vera


Benefits of Aloe vera:-

The herb consists of antioxidants and substances that help to reduce the chances of developing severe conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Further, it also offers benefits beyond just prevention.

1. A low-calorie, low-sugar option:

Normal juices are not always healthy for your body as they contain a lot of sugar added in it. So, aloe vera juice is a healthy option. 

2. Clears up skin:

You may often develop acne because of dehydration. This produces more oil in your skin which leads to acne breakouts. If you drink this juice, your skin will get extra moisture, and you will have fewer chances of having acne. 

3. Relieves constipation:

Aloe vera juice texture can affect the consistency of your poop, especially by making it softer. Thus, you can get rid of constipation by consuming this juice.

4. Reduces heartburn:

Heartburn occurs when the acid in your tummy travels up to your oesophagus. There were studies in 2015 which showed that this juice could alleviate some of the acids in your stomach that bring on heartburn. 

5. Maintain eye health:

Aloe vera juice contains many antioxidants typically found in orange and yellow vegetables and fruits. These are the best ingredients for overall eye health.

6. Boost your intake of specific vitamins and minerals:

This herb juice consists of one of the most versatile vitamins, Vitamin C. This vitamin helps in immune function, such as calcium and magnesium. People who have muscle aches have low rates of calcium and magnesium. So, drinking this juice could replenish these ingredients.



Doctor's opinion on aloe vera juice

Doctor's opinion on aloe vera juice:-

Here are a few potential uses of Aloe vera juice recommended by doctors.

  • Aloe vera juice for Diabetes:
Aloe vera has been utilized for the treatment of diabetes for a long time in various portions of the world. Studies say that, in animals and even humans, aloe vera might positively affect their blood sugar levels. In some studies, it was mixed with certain other ingredients like psyllium husk (isabgol), and in one study, it was lent with a medicine prescribed for diabetes. After the completion, the results showed that the consumption of aloe vera helps lower blood glucose levels. This may indicate that the herb helps treat diabetes. Diabetes is a severe ailment and must be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. Make sure to consult a doctor.

  • Aloe vera for Cholesterol:
Aloe helps in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. In a clinical trial, aloe vera leaf juice lowers serum cholesterol and other fats (triglycerides and low-density lipoproteins). It was also discovered that due to the composite potential of aloe vera's blood sugar-lowering and cholesterol-lowering action, the risk of heart diseases due to diabetes might also diminish. Make sure to consult a doctor.

  • Aloe vera for Stomach problems:
Aloe vera can act as an ingredient for stomach ulcers and bowel inflammatory disease. Many studies have been conducted to prove the use of aloe vera gel in the form of juice for ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), etc. Still, the results needed to be more consistent. Consult a doctor before using aloe vera for your stomach problems.

  • Aloe vera for Skin:
Aloe vera juice helps to keep the skin hydrated. Dehydration causes oil production from our skin which leads to an acne breakout. Aloe vera gel might help acne by keeping the skin moist and hydrated. Therefore, drinking this juice might benefit skin health and give us a supply of moisturized skin.

  • Aloe vera for Hair:
There was a study done on sheep where it was found that the juice was orally fed to the sheep. Later, hair growth was seen in areas on the sheep balding away. This indicated that aloe vera has the ability in the potential for hair growth action. There are a lot of studies on humans that need to understand the effectiveness of aloe vera for hair growth.

  • Aloe vera for weight management:

Aloe vera juice is a great weight loss agent in the laboratory. There were tests conducted that aimed to study its activity against pancreatic enzymes, which play a significant role in the absorption of fats from our intestines. The results of the survey demonstrated that the juice has the potential to act as a potent weight loss agent due to its activity against pancreatic enzymes and also due to its activity of lowering fats, triglycerides, cholesterol, etc. Make sure you consult your nutritionist and keep your diet the same.

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Cons of overuse of aloe vera juice

Cons of overuse of aloe vera juice:-

A few side effects can be seen with the use of Aloe vera. The most familiar side effects that you might experience are as follows.

  • Cramps in abdomen
  • Red urine
  • Hepatitis
  • Loose motions
  • Worsening of constipation
  • Dependency of laxative
  • Low potassium levels (electrolyte imbalance)

Consuming aloe vera juice for a very long time increases the chances of causing colorectal cancer. If you tend to face any side effects, seek immediate medical attention from your doctors who have prescribed it. They will be the best cue to provide you with proper treatment.



Why choose Vitro Naturals aloe juice

Why choose Vitro Naturals aloe juice:

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