Ayurveda, Wellness and Holistic living

Ayurveda is a 6000 years old ancient scientific wisdom, which emphasizes on healing the body through its holistic approach i.e. healing the whole body by incorporating a balance of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Ayurveda means Ayu+ Veda – “Aayushah Vedah Ayurvedah”

Ayu stands for Life

Veda stands for Study/Knowledge

So Ayurveda translates toStudy / Science of life.

Aims of Ayurveda-

  1. “Swasthasya Swaasthya Rakshanam” -Maintaining the health of a healthy individual (Preventive health)
  2. “Aturasya Vikara Prasamanam” -Healing the diseased (Curative aspect)

Ayurveda stresses on prevention of diseases rather than waiting to fall sick and thentreating the disease.

Healthy lifestyle practices, seasonal regimen, right food combinations, good code of conduct, community health, rejuvenation therapies , detox panchakarma etc. are few aspects in this regard.

Treating a disease condition depends on multiple factorslike doshas involved (by correcting the tridosha imbalance), Desa(region), Kala (season), Roga bala (chronicity of the disease),Rogi Bala (physical strength of the patient), mental health of the patient, Prakriti (unique body constitution)etc..

Ayurveda explains that every object in the universe is made up of Panchamahabhutas and so is human body-

  1. Prithvi –Earth
  2. Ap-water
  3. Thejas- Fire
  4. Vayu-Air
  5. Akash- Ether/ Space

Ayurveda is based on the 3 lifeforces : Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The balance of these three doshas is health and its imbalance is the diseased state.

A few tips to followin order to maintain preventive health:

  1. Mindful healthy eating habits
  2. Adequate water intake (6-8 glass/day)
  3. 20 mins of sun exposure
  4. Regular exercise for 20-30 mins
  5. Adequate night sleep (6-8 hrs)

 Embracing Ayurveda to maintain your health and wellness is crucial these days, as it works on your body, mind and soul simultaneously. It also helps improve your psyche as a human and improves control over sense organs and helps one to be a better version of himself/herself.