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Amla Sharbat – The Perfect Summer Drink For The Family


We all have heard about amla or Indian gooseberry and many of us have it in various forms. But unfortunately, most of us don't know its benefits and how amla sharbat can keep us fit this summer. Amla sharbat or juice is one of the best ways of consuming this useful fruit. Regularly intaking this sharbat can keep you away from various health problems. 

Amla sharbat is a very strong health drink that can prevent different types of ailments as well as increase our immunity in no time if taken regularly. Here we will discuss the various aspects of amla sharbat that will help us to know why it is considered to be the perfect summer drink for the family. 

How much nutritional value does amla juice have? 

The fact is that we have become very health-conscious, so we take note of the nutritional value of what we eat or drink. Amla juice is rich in Vitamin C aids in increasing your immunity and preparing your body to fight against various illnesses that are common during the summer. Apart from developing your immunity, amla works as an antioxidant. When you drink amla sharbat regularly, your skin gets rejuvenated, your blood gets purified, chances of cancer become low, and most importantly it helps in slowing down ageing signs. 

Amla sharbat drinking benefits in summer 

As mentioned earlier, amla juice is capable of keeping you fit and fine during summer. You can drink it in various ways like adding a bit of crushed pepper, a tablespoon of honey, a tiny ginger slice, and a pinch of salt to the sharbat. 

Now let's know the benefits of drinking amla juice in summer. 

  • Purifies blood: 
  • One of the most important health benefit of amla is its antioxidant property. This vital property of gooseberry assists our body to cleanse the toxic particles from our blood and also removes them to make us healthy. The toxins resist our digestive system to function properly. By regularly drinking amla juice, your digestive system gets free from the harmful toxins which are necessary for summer. 

  • Calms our body: 
  • Summer is the season when the scorching sun and its detrimental UV rays damage our skin and body by absorbing water from it. In this case, amla juice helps a lot. It increases tannin levels which play an important role in protecting us from heat and light. 

  • Takes utmost care of our skin: 
  • Skin is among the subtle parts of our body. We face difficulties to take care of it during summer season. But regularly drinking amla sharbat with honey in the morning can glisten your face. Moreover, it peels off acne, scars, blemishes, etc. This is why you should drink amla juice in summer. Its anti-ageing property helps to prevent untimely ageing. 

  • Prevents urinary tract infection: 
  • Dehydration and urinary tract infections happen mostly in the summer. So, if you drink amla juice twice daily, it will help you to stay away from urinary tract infections. It will also reduce the risk of burning urination. 

  • Immunity booster: 
  • Our immune system plays a vital role in fighting various diseases. To keep your immune system strong, you should consume amla juice daily which consists of fibre, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates. It is considered to be an effective immunity that helps in offering nonspecific immunity to our bodies. 

    All of these qualities of amla sharbat are necessary for us to cope with the diseases caused in summer. After knowing these benefits you can start drinking amla juice as prescribed by your physician to keep yourself and your family members healthy. Get the best Amla Sharbat from Vitro Naturals, made from pure amla fruit juice and pulp. A boosting juice that gives immunity and keeps your body healthy!

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