6 Ayurvedic Herbs you need Every Winter!

With the upcoming winter and seasonal changes all around, many things are changing. Winter does not only mean warm clothes and blankets. It brings lethargy, coughs and colds, dry skin and chapped lips. But do not worry, as Ayurveda has a solution for your problems.

 Here are 5 Ayurvedic herbs you need every winter:

  1. Turmeric:

Turmeric is well known for its medicinal capabilities. It is the most commonly used ayurvedic herb. It is an immunity booster and can be used to treat various ailments like coughs and colds, joint aches, dry skin and swelling.

But how do you include turmeric in your diet? It is very simple. Almost all Indian food includes turmeric in it. But if you’re non-Indian, you can start adding turmeric spice to rice, dal or curry by simply mixing it with ghee. Another easy way of adding turmeric to your diet is drinking turmeric milk.

You can also consume Vitro turmeric juice in your daily life. 

  1. Tulsi:

Tulsi is also known as Basil is the most important ayurvedic herb for winter. It has antiasthmatic and anti-infective properties that make it useful for common colds and clearing your respiratory spine.

Like turmeric, it is again very easy to include tulsi in your diet. You can start your day by adding a few tulsi leaves to your morning cup of tea. If you’re a black tea kind of person, you can add a few drops of honey and ginger in it as well with tulsi. In Ayurveda it is a practice to eat 3-4 tulsi leaves with hot water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

  1. Ginger:

Ginger is used as a medicine in Ayurvedics. It helps in boosting immunity and helps in fighting against colds and flu, joint aches and digestive problems.

You can add ginger to almost everything you eat or drink like your morning cup of tea or your meals like dal or curry or anything else. There is also a very famous ayurvedic saying that to avoid digestive problems, one should have ginger before lunch and dinner. You can also have a few slices of ginger mixed with salt and lime and eat it along with your salad.

  1. Mulethi:

Mulethi also known as liquorice is a classical herbal medicine with many health benefits. It is sweet and can treat various ailments like sore throat, constipation, joint aches, de-pigmentation and also helps in boosting immunity.

Mulethi can be consumed in the form of kadha or tonic water. To make this kadha, simply boil some water with some mulethi in it for 10-15 minutes. You can also add some honey, ginger and tulsi for flavour as well as other health benefits. You can also buy Ashwagandha powder from the market and mix it with your mulethi kadha for added goodness.

  1. Neem:

Neem also known as Margosa leaves is an ayurvedic herb best known for its antiseptic capabilities to fight viruses and diseases. It is commonly used for urinary problems, diarrhoea, fever, dengue, and other inflammatory diseases.

You can add neem leaves to your diet by simply cooking them with food. If the bitter taste of the neem is not a problem for you, chewing neem leaves is also often recommended. You can use neem oil for cooking.

  1. Shatavari:

Shatavari is called the queen of herbs, is a natural herb enriched with many medicinal qualities that are often used in the preparation of ayurvedic formulas. It is famous as a female herb since it helps in balancing the hormone levels but it is also a natural remedy for cough. It has been found that the root of Shatavari acts as a natural medicine for coughs.

Shatavari powder can be used as a medicine for treating coughs and colds.

These are a few ayurvedic herbs that can be your quick remedy for fighting against winter diseases. Along with these herbs, make sure you exercise to fight lethargy and stay active.

You can also include other ayurvedic juices like Aloe vera juice, Amla Juice to help you boost immunity and keep you active.

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