5 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Win Her Heart! (again)

It's time to show your significant other your passionate and loving side now that it's the month of love. But as the holiday of love approaches, you're lost for ideas about what to give your girlfriend to make her feel particularly special. We have a great idea that will make her smitten if you are planning to go to the closest mall and buy her a box of fancy chocolates and flowers. We've selected some beauty-related gift ideas below that are sure to make her smile broadly. 

  1. Vitro rose water: Our rose water is fresh and undistilled, prepared from Damask roses gathered from Pushkar farmlands. Because it is edible and nourishes skin, it can also be used as a flavour in food. No additives or fragrances are added. The damask roses used to make this rose water are transported from Pushkar's rose valleys. It perfectly cleanses, tones, and hydrates your skin while keeping it smooth and radiant. Given that this rose water is natural and palatable, it serves as a flavouring agent in food. 

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  1. Vitro aloe jojoba shampoo: This gentle shampoo works well on all hair types. It will keep your hair healthy, silky, and stop hair loss. Bhringraj, which keeps hair silky, Aloe vera, which nourishes, Jojoba, which moisturises, and Vetiver, which encourages hair development, are all present. The shampoo is made with natural components like rosemary, shikakai, aloe vera, jojoba, and others and is mild enough for all hair types. This shampoo makes hair lustrous and silky while preventing hair loss. There are no parabens or other chemicals in it that could damage your hair. 


  1. Vitro herbal hair conditioner: Your hair will become lustrous and smooth after using this conditioner. It makes hair stronger and guards against breaking. contains natural elements including rosemary, which shields the hair's outer layer of keratin from damage and keeps it shiny. Hair's keratin is rehydrated by hibiscus. Aloe vera nourishes hair, keeps hair's pH stable, and encourages the growth of new hair. This conditioner will make your hair silky and shining because it contains components like rosemary, aloe vera, hibiscus, and bhringraj. Additionally, it strengthens hair and stops hair from breaking. The natural components support appropriate hydration and preserve the keratin layer that gives your hair shine. 


  1. Vitro aloe vera shower gel: Every shower becomes a calming experience with Vitro Shower Gel, which cleanses as well as tantalises your senses with a delightful perfume. Let the new you shine through during every delightful shower. It contains aloe vera, a natural moisturiser that prevents your skin from losing moisture. Its ayurvedic characteristics make it a gentle cleanser, and natural compounds like honey increase its beneficial effects. 
  1. Vitro face cream for dark spot reduction: Formulated for daily moisturization, it contains green tea, licorice root extract, and aloe vera. Regular use of the product protects against UV rays, moisturises the skin, and prevents dryness. It also helps in reducing dark spots on your face and its 100% safe since it is made from all natural goodness like green tea, licorice root extract and aloe vera gel. 

So, have you decided what to give your girl this valentine’s? If not, head over to our website at Vitro Naturals and check out our wide range of beauty products and much more!


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